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Diverge Translational Science Laboratory consists of 10 employees who made the leap, and diverged, from academia to industry and are loving the startup life. Every team member contributed to our successful transition from academia to industry. Together, we all toured potential lab spaces, packed up the laboratory, moved it to the new space, and even built the furniture – as a team and extended family. Building this company has definitely made us all closer. We not only work together towards the company goals, but everyone enjoys doing things together outside of work. We frequently get lunch, ice cream, go out for drinks and many other activities together.

We built the company together and will continue to grow it that way.

Mike Lawlor Headshot

Mike Lawlor, MD PhD

Founder & CEO

Paul Krakau Headshot

Paul Krakau, MHA

Manager of Operations

Maggie Haberman Headshot

Maggie Haberman, MPH

Research Associate I

Julie Tetzlaff Headshot

Julie Tetzlaff, PhD

Founder & COO

Mariah Prom Headshot

Mariah Prom

Research Associate II

Karen Callender Headshot

Karen Callender

Senior Administrative


Hui 3.jpg

Hui Meng, PhD

Senior Scientist

Emily Ott Headshot

Emily Ott

Research Associate I

Blank User Profile.png

Nachuan Ge

Laboratory Assistant

Maggie B 3.jpg

Maggie Beatka

Manager of Research

Jess Sutton Headshot

Jess Sutton

Research Associate II &

Safety Officer

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